2017 Maltina Dance All Registration – How to Apply for Maltina Dance All 2017

2017 Maltina Dance All Registration – Maltina uses this platform to bring families together inspiring happiness through teamwork and special moments that are shared, while allowing these families compete for big cash prizes.
2017 Maltina Dance All Registration
Dance is an expression of happiness! Over the years, Maltina Dance All has traveled across the country to Lagos, Benin, Enugu, Jos, Abuja and Owerri, in search of dancers who represent the best in Nigeria with fun and excitement.
2017 Maltina Dance All Registration
This year we have amplified the platform beyond the restrictions of auditions at physical locations. Now anyone, anywhere at any time can record a short video of themselves, upload for online auditioning and get a chance to be on national TV with their families for the Maltina Dance All show! You, your family & friends too can be part of the MDA excitement this year
Africa Magic Family     Saturday & Sunday 7pm
NTA Kano             Saturday 3pm & Sunday 5pm
NTA Kaduna             Saturday & Sunday 5pm
Silverbird TV             Friday & Saturday 8pm
Rave TV             Saturday & Sunday 8:30pm
How too Participate for 2017 Maltina Dance All Registration
To participate, Nigerians of all ages can fill forms from the MDA official website (www.maltinadanceall.tv), and can pick up/drop off forms at designated points. Forms will also be made available at the Screening centers to enable those who did not get to fill out forms previously do so.
The regional competition is open to all age categories, while only dancers within 18-30 age category qualify for the Reality/Academy.
Every body can not become a participate, therefore some will be seating at home watching and voting for the talent show.
If you need us to help you with information at the right time about 2017 Maltina Dance All Registration, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask us questions any time.

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