4,800 soldiers admitted into the Army to boost security

The Army on Saturday admitted 4,800 new soldiers at a passing out parade ceremony held in Kaduna State.

The new recruits are expected to contribute to the army’s ongoing operations in various parts of the country, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya, said.

“They commenced their training in August and they have been trained as professional soldiers in line with our training directives, taking cognisance, of course, of the current environment,” the army chief said.

“We hope they will deliver as they are deployed across all the theatres.”

He said the army portal has been opened for a new set of recruits who are expected to commence training in January.

“The drive as mandated by Mr. President is to increase our strength and have more feet on the ground in addition to all the things we are doing,” he said. “And he has provided all the resources for this.”

He added that there is also provision for specialised training being given to those already in the service, to enhance their capabilities.

Lieutenant-General Yahaya, while urging the newly inaugurated soldiers to apply the mental, physical and moral training acquired over the past few months as well as those they will be exposed to at their respective formations, warned them to uphold the Nigerian Army’s core values of Loyalty, Selfless Service, Courage, Discipline, Integrity, and Respect for Others.

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