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Alternatives To PayPal – Although PayPal is an online international payment service, so many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the system for different reasons best known to them.alternatives to paypal
A lot of people have been asking if they can find some other platforms which will offer all the features of PayPal with additional features that will make it easier and simple to use.
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This is because PayPal have been for the best medium for sending and receiving money internationally online. However, because of the desire of many people to join the platform and so many logins daily, it is now somewhat difficult for a common person to complete the process of PayPal registration and use the platform for online businesses. Therefore, there is a need for other companies to come up with their own online payment services to decentralize the services from only PayPal.
As a result, there are a number of reliable and good online payment platforms which offers exactly all the features of PayPal with other unique features. So many people have been looking for this information online. That is why we came up with this article to benefit our readers here. We are quickly going to see the 5 Top Alternatives To PayPal Online Payment Services below. Please ensure that you read this post to the last alternative.

See 5 Top Alternatives To PayPal Services

Here are the top alternatives which can stand to replace PayPal payment services in case one want something different.
1. Skrill

alternatives to paypal
Skrill was previously known as MoneyBookers and has been used by many people in different countries of the world to send and receive money from others. You can connect Skrill with your debit or credit card and send money to anyone in the countries supported by Skrill. However, the charges differ from country to country during any transaction on Skrill.
The focus of Skrill is somewhat in sending money between registered users of the platform, however, it competes well with PayPal in terms of sending and receiving currencies around the world.
2. Payoneer
alternatives to paypal
Using Payoneer gives you access to a prepaid MasterCard which you will receive at your location using postal services or any other means you want. Once you register, you’ll get your own prepaid MasterCard and creating an account on Payoneer is free of charge. However, there are charges when you activate your MasterCard and load money to it via your local bank account or credit card.
Payment of Payoneer MasterCard is yearly but you can withdraw or pay money for any purchase with any currency from your Payoneer MasterCard.

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3. Paymate

Mainly based in Australia and New Zealand, Paymate accepts payments from many countries of the world and in different currencies. Sellers in countries in Australia and New Zealand uses Paymate mainly to accept funds from business partners and customers around the world.
All you need to do as a buyer is to type in your credit card information and send without creating an account with Paymate. Note that the details of your credit card are highly secured by Paymate and are not disclosed to the seller on the website.

See 5 Top Alternatives To PayPal Services

4. Google Wallet
alternatives to paypal
Google Wallet is a wallet that allows users to store both their debit, credit, gift and loyalty cards in a safe and reliable place and use them to send and receive money anytime from friends and family. However, Google Wallet is available in the United States and hopefully it will spread to other countries of the world no sooner than later.
You can pay anybody from your Google Wallet by simply attaching their email or gmail address to any card on your Google Wallet. Using Google Wallet is free expect for the standard transfer charges you will have to pay using credit/debit card to transfer money into your Google Wallet account.
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5. Stripe
alternatives to paypal
The last but not the least is Stripe. Stripe is in Canada but provides online payment service in different countries of the world including UK, Australia, USA, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. It is simple way of accepting payments online from your customers and others. Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.
You can use Stripe to pay anyone, anywhere in the world with just 2.9% + $0.35 on every transaction. Note that Stripe accepts a variety of payment methods including American Express, JCB and cards as Visa, MasterCard, Verve etc.
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