Best Gold Shops in Dubai – Dubai Gold Shops

Dubai Gold Shops – Generally, the more intricate the piece of jewelry, the higher the making charges. Purity of the metal sold in Dubai is strictly regulated by the Dubai Central Laboratories Department, which has implemented a voluntary quality management and certification scheme known as ‘Bareeq’ that gives recognition to shops that meet the good practice criteria for jewelry trading.
Gold in Dubai is sold on gold price plus making charges unlike many other parts of the world where it is sold per unit. Making charges are not typically calculated as a percentage of gold prices, unlike elsewhere in the world, but is set as a flat rate.
Dubai Gold Shops
Ary Jewelers – Dubai Gold Shops
Offering sophisticated gold jewelry combined with pearls, diamonds and precious stones, ARY jewelers offers a versatile collection of gold jewelry suitable for classical Indian wear or Western outfits. They are also popular for their traditional bridal collections.
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Atlas Jewelry – Dubai Gold Shops
Established in the jewelry business for the last 30 years, Atlas jewelry caters predominantly to the large Indian expat population in Dubai. They carry a variety of designs, modern and chic as well as traditional and ethnic to suit the tastes of their large Indian customer base.
Dubai Shopping Mall – Dubai Gold Shops
Even with the multitude of malls available in Dubai, the Dubai Mall still provides one of the most complete shopping experiences. Not just a mall, this mini-city is home to over a thousand stores, a spectacular four-storey indoor waterfall, a huge aquarium, an Olympic size ski-rink and a staggering number of food outlets.
Joyalukkas – Dubai Gold Shops
Well renowned for their commitment to quality and for the variety of designs available in their stores, Joyalukkas has established itself as a popular destination for gold shoppers. With stores in the Gold Souk as well as in many shopping malls in Dubai, this brand of jewelers carries bold and unique designs in trendy, modern and classical styles to suit everyone’s taste.
Damas – Dubai Gold Shops
One of the largest jewelry stores in Dubai, Damas has a huge customer base of loyal customers drawn to their beautiful and unique crafted designs. Thousands of designs of jewelry are available in an Arabesque style with a contemporary twist to cater to the local market. Damas Middle East has four types of stores to meet their customer’s demands: Lex Exclusive Stores offer high end luxury products, Semi Exclusive stores have a slightly lower range of stylish jewelry, while the Damas 22k and 18k stores offer trendy styles and designs at a competitive price.
Damiani – Dubai Gold Shops
An exclusive jewelry brand located in The Dubai Mall, this leading Italian brand is world renowned for its exquisite collection of superior gems and highly innovative designs. Damiani, although best known for its stunning watch collection, also has some fabulous gold jewelry for the discerning customer who wishes to possess a unique piece of jewelry.
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