Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017 – How to Apply

Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017 – For the interest of all who wish to migrate to Canada through Refugee immigration Process ,There are several steps to Canada’s refugee application process.
Eligibility for Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017
Note: Canada has signed an agreement with the United States designating the U.S. as a “safe third country”. Claimants coming from, or even just passing through the U.S., are ineligible to make refugee claims at a Canadian border crossing by land. They will be turned back to the U.S.
Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017
Not everyone is eligible to make a refugee claim. A person is not eligible if:
1.the claimant has ever before made a refugee claim in Canada;
2.the claimant has been recognized as a refugee in another country and can be returned to that country;
3.the claimant came to Canada through a designated “safe third country”;
4.the claimant has been determined to be inadmissible on the basis of security, serious criminality, organized criminality, or violating human or international rights.
How to apply for Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017
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Refugee status decision – Canada Refugee Immigration Application 2017
If the IRB determines that the claimant is a genuine refugee, the claimant becomes a protected person and can apply for Canadian permanent residence inside Canada.
If the IRB refuses the claimant, an application for judicial review can be requested from the Federal Court of Canada. If the claimant does not succeed in Federal Court, then removal from Canada becomes probable.
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