Canada study Visa 2017/2018 – How to Apply for Canada study Visa

Canada study Visa 2017/2018 – The number of international students studying in Canada is over 300,000,
Canada is home to some of the best schools in the world. Many of these students are choosing Canada over other developed countries because of certain advantages that studying in Canada can bring.
How to Apply for Canada study Visa 2017/2018

Individuals who study in Canada receive a top-quality and internationally-respected education, preparing them for professional pursuits in Canada or abroad. Yet, the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries.
What options are available for studying in Canada? – Canada study Visa 2017/2018
There are a few ways to come to Canada as a student. For example, you can study in Canada under a Canada Study Permit. It is also possible in some cases to study in Canada without a study permit. While you are here studying, it is also possible to work while studying in Canada. However, the first step is to find a Canadian school that you would like to attend and a study program that matches your goals and ambitions. Once you have learned more, you can then fill out a free online assessment form to learn more about obtaining a study permit for Canada.
To learn more about how you can study in Canada, browse our comprehensive study section and fill out a free assessment to explore your options for studying in Canada.
Work after studying in Canada – Canada study Visa 2017/2018
One of the major advantages of making the decision to study in Canada is that graduates have access to a Post-Graduation Work Permit on completion of their studies in Canada. Post-Graduation Work Permits allow certain individuals who have studied in Canada to stay and work under an open work permit for up to three years, allowing them to enter the Canadian workforce and gain valuable Canadian work experience that may help them to immigrate permanently.
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