Donald's Cabinet Appointees: Trump Meets With Romney

Donald’s Cabinet Appointees: Trump Meets With Romney

Donald Trump’s winning is still surprising to some group of persons till date. But, Donald Trump will soon be inaugurated America’s 45th President and it is only death that can stop him, that is the bitter truth for some.

However, the Republican President-elect is on the move to set-up his transitional team and the funny enough he is bringing his critics closer than those that supported his election campaign.Trump is going to make a good leader but school children and other citizens of America has begged the President-elect to be a good man.
After meeting with a good number of his critics during the week, Trump decides to meet with his severest critics, Mitt Romney who called him bad names during his campaign.

Donald’s Cabinet Appointees: Trump Meets With Romney

Mr. Romney during the election campaign, called the then American Presidential candidate a “fraud” and “phony” because he never believed Trump was going to win the election.

Trump also answered Romney by telling him that his campaign against Obama in 2012 didn’t work out and it was the “worst ever”.

Media believed that Trump is set out to make peace with Romney and we are hoping that the post of the Secretary of State will be discussed in the meeting.

Trump nominated Jeff Sessions for the Attorney General of the State and appointed Lt Gen Michael Flynn as the National Security Adviser.

Trump and Vice-President-elect, Mike Pence has been for sometime now working to fill in key positions in the cabinet.

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Sean Spicer, the Presidential transition spokesman told reporters that “The President-elect wants the best and brightest people to push America forward-both people who supported him and those who didn’t support him.”

The meeting with Mitt Romney is just an opportunity to hear his ideas and thoughts, Spicer said. Trump had already started conversations by seeking for the opinions and thoughts of people to know candidates that should be appointed.

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