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Ethiopian Army Recruitment 2018, In 1983 Military Service in Ethiopia was made compulsory for males between the ages of 18-30, while those aged 30-50 were required to enlist for reserve duty. The 30 month term of service consists of six months training and two years active duty.
Conscientious Objection to Military Service, All men and women between the ages of 18 and 50 undergo the six month reserve training.
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In mid-1991 the Ethiopian armed forces, with about 438,000 personnel in uniform, constituted one of the largest and best-equipped militaries in sub-Saharan Africa. The defense establishment included the 230,000-member conscript army, supplemented by the 200,000-member People’s Militia; the air force, with a personnel strength of 4,500; and the navy with, 3,500, with a personnel strength of which included a marine contingent.
Ethiopian Army Recruitment 2018
Not included in these figures were the 9,000-member Mobile Emergency Police Force and an unknown number of border guards. In addition to its duties as protector of the country’s territorial integrity, the armed forces engaged in internal security and counterinsurgency operations against the government’s political opponents.
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  1. Austine Omuga on

    This is Austine Omuga from Kenya. I am happy with the peace you have in your country. I m just requesting to join your Ethiopian forces to help serve the country. I have tried to join Kenyan forces but have not gone through. I had passion in being in the forces.Kindly consider my cry.I am a primary teacher graduate.I also own a certificate in sign language interpretation.inform me as soon as possible if it can work


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