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Germany visa application,German Foreign Ministry has announced the outsourcing of the visa application process, there are noises considering that this process might put into danger private data security of visa applicants, leading to data leaks and corruptive affairs of foreign staff. There is a great risk of passports and other personal information passing through outsourcing private companies before and after the visa consulate processes the application – they said.
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Green party Bundestag member Omid Nouripour believes that there is a great danger to Germany discontinuing to have the complete control over a delicate process such as visa issuance, where is a plenty of room for corruption.
Left party MP Sevim Dagdelen stated that is unmanageable anymore for the state to remain the key controller of such process, adding that public costs need to be reduced and opportunities for private companies need to be offered instead.
According to the Deutche Welle (DW), Germany is ready to give up directing Schengen visa application process in embassies and consulates any longer. This means that the country is transferring the obligation of delivering such administrative services to 18 companies, which will work on behalf of Germany embassies and consulates.
At present German Schengen visa services in 9 different foreign countries are subcontracted by license to private companies, as an effort to reduce public costs and discharge from the management of administrative aspects of the German visa application process.
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