KRA PIN Online Registration Portal – Kenya Revenue Authority PIN Application

KRA PIN Online Registration Portal – Kenya Revenue Authority PIN Application.

KRA PIN Online Registration – Are you yet to process your KRA PIN Online Registration? Do you want to do your KRA PIN Online Registration right now ? Are you looking for How to do your KRA PIN Online Registration? If yes, you are in the right place. just pay close attention to the guidelines we are going to provide for you below and in few minutes you are done with your KRA PIN Online Registration.
KRA has currently migrated from itms gadget to the brand new itax system. Here is the training on how you may check in your personal pin the use of itax machine.
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KRA PIN Online Registration procedure
Kra pin application step 1: get admission to the itax device (kra pin portal)
To start with, you need to click on this hyperlink to access the kra pin portal itax device website – https://itax.Kra.Cross.Ke or you could seek on google the phrase “itax kra” and also you ought to be able to get the website hyperlink.
KRA PIN Online Registration step 2: new pin registration
If you are unregistered consumer and would love to register your pin, then on the right column you may be able to see a hyperlink named “new pin registration” beneath the unregistered users. Click on that link to proceed.
KRA PIN Online Registration step three: kRA pin application form
As soon as you’ve got reached this factor, you will need to pick the taxpayer type you healthy in at the drop down area. The alternatives to be had are;
Individual – personal, students, worker, entrepreneurs
Non-man or woman – for agencies and businesses
You will also be expected to select the mode of registration whether it’s miles “online form” or “upload shape”.
KRA PIN Online Registration step four: basic records
You may now be required to fill for your records in this shape with accurate information. Once you whole inputting your information, you will want to click on “next” with a view to proceed to the subsequent phase.
KRA PIN Online Registration step 5: taxpayer duty information
Kra has brought a few new development at the way you may want to meet the tax responsibility necessities. Within the preceding itms, you had been only expected to tick a check container. But on the brand new itax gadget, you are anticipated to place the registration date next to your tax duty that you have decided on.
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KRA PIN Online Registration 6: supply of earnings
Itax gadget has introduced in a new requirement so as to anticipate all taxpayers to mention their source of earnings.
Employment earnings
commercial enterprise earnings
rental earnings
KRA PIN Online Registration step 7: agent information
KRA has delivered a brand new law at the pin registration in an effort to require which you have a licensed tax agent to put up your application for your behalf. Because of this you simply can’t finish the pin registration method by using your self.
Once each area has been filled with accurate facts you will be able to submit the records. But within the event you had forgotten to fill a area, an errors tab will appear and tell you the sections wherein you have not completed earlier than you could proceed.
KRA PIN Online Registration step eight: kRA pin certificates download and printing
Whilst you effectively publish your facts, you will be able to see a message pronouncing “registration software has been submitted correctly.” your new pin may be displayed at the display and you may additionally be to see a link classified “click on here to down load pin certificates” as a way to let you down load your new pin and print. That’s it.

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