Maltina Dance All Season 12 Online Registration 2019 –

Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019 – Are you Searching for the date for next Matina Dance All Audition and how to register? The audition is yet start, However, all important information about Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019 are all provided here.

Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019

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The Maltina dance all Audition has gain exposure all over Nigeria. This Family Talent Show has gone across the country from Lagos to Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Abuja and Port Harcourt, in search of dancers who represent the best in Nigeria with fun and excitement.

Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019

NOTE : By submitting Contestant(s) audition video, User agrees that any exploitation of Contestant(s) appearance in the audition video may be edited, cut, rearranged, adapted, dubbed or otherwise revised, if applicable, by the Production Team in connection with the Program and exposed on any media – Online, TV, Press, Outdoor and BTL, and that any such use will not entitle User or Contestant(s) to receive any wages, benefits, fees or other compensation.

Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019

Interested Nigerians of all ages can fill forms from the MDA official website (, and can pick up/drop off forms at designated points.
Forms will also be made available at the Screening centers to enable those who did not get to fill out forms previously do so.
The regional competition is open to all age categories, while only dancers within 18-30 age category qualify for the Reality/Academy.

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There are major requirements that all dancing groups participating in the Maltina Dance All must meet and surpass in order to be successful in the competition. Each of the requirements are listed below.

  1. Originality
  • Dancers must have their own style that is clearly different from what other participants may bring to the competition.
  1. Musicality
  • Dancers must go with the flow of the song being played, by paying attention to the tone, beats and responding quickly to changes in the rhythm of the music.
  1. Surprise Element
  • Dancers must thrill the crowd by performing unexpected yet jaw-dropping dance moves
  1. Technique and Delivery
  • Dancers must know their moves. Accurate technique and spot on delivery with incredible accurate body movements must be displayed
  1. Entertainment
  • Dancers must relax and have fun while they compete. This makes it entertaining for them, the judges and the audience
  1. Uniqueness
  • Dancers must have a signature move or technique that makes them stand out of the crowd of other participants.
  1. Versatility

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Maltina Dance All Season 12 Registration 2019

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