MMM Crash News │Millions Of Nigerians Weep As MMM Freezes All Account

MMM Crash News │Millions Of Nigerians Weep As MMM Freezes All Account
Following the news yesterday, 12/12/2016, by MMM Ponzi Scheme, many Nigerians are now weeping for their money. But, the question at this moment is why are they panicking? Have MMM really crashed? We’ll see the answer here in this post.
Just after an open letter from Mavrodi to the Nigerian authority, yesterday night another news came up. What is it this time around? People jump into conclusion saying “MMM has Crashed”.
But if I should ask you, have MMM truly crashed? I know many cannot answer that question now. Even those that may attempt to answer, do not have authentic backup.

MMM Crash News │Millions Of Nigerians Weep As MMM Freezes All Account

Let’s see the news from MMM Ponzi Sheme and the true meaning of the MMM Crash News.

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mmm crash news
This is why I’m writing this post to relieve the nation of this burden. I have received a lot of questions since today – have MMM crashed? have they ran away with our money? and others.
MMM Ponzi Scheme have not crashed, the site is still working normal and everything is still okay.
Sergey Mavrodi, one of the founders of MMM, has explained the meaning and reason for the update. ‘What we did is to save the system from crashing rather than crashing it. Last week, the number of people that were requesting to get help (GH) were more than those requesting to provide help (PH).’
‘This is alarming’, Mavrodi Said. Although it was the same incident that occurred during Christmas period last year but this year’s own is just too much. This is why MMM Admin stopped members from getting help till January 2017.
Normally. MMM gives a period of one month from the day you PH before it’s due for you to cash out. However, you can cash out Mavro before then. It’s still the same thing, although now, this is a way to monitor those with multiple accounts and fake pop.

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The simple explaining is “if you PH today or have a confirmed order (i.e. a help you provided that has been confirmed), they will be frozen for one month. They’ll only be available for you to withdraw after 30 days.
Your 30% mavro or 50% for those that pledge during the bonus period will still be growing. The help will get up to the expected amount by the end of the 30 days. Even the referral bonuses are still frozen and will be released within the same period.
What MMM did was to pause members from GH but you can PH. Even those that have their orders due and available for withdrawal cannot do that till next year.
It’s not new, it happened last year’s December, so you don’t need to panic. If you have PH, go ahead and pay up and if you have PH, provide one today.

Let’s See Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on MMM Crash News

Can I still PH? Yes, you can still click on the ‘PH’ link and do your normal activity.
Is the 50% mavro still there? – Yes, the 30% normal mavro and 20% christmas mavro bonus are still there for you to enjoy.
Do they still give referral bonus? – Of course. Register someone today and get your 10% bonus.
My mavro was available for withdrawal before the news, can I GH? – No, all GH have been paused for now until Jan., 2017.
Will my mavro still be growing until then? – That’s the good news. Your mavro will still be growing till January.
How sure are you that MMM have not crashed via this way? – Unlike other Ponzi, you can still login to your MMM account and do other things apart from GH. So, MMM have not crashed, will not crash and is still on.
Summary: I hope I’ve answered your numerous questions. I have an account with MMM which is even due for withdrawal before the news. I’m not afraid and I don’t want you to be afraid, you’ll receive your money. I have been able to ask a guider on MMM (Nigeria Technical Account) and with the discussions, I’m sure we are safe.

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