Technology Issue: Robots Distort Trump's Supports-US Elections

Technology Issue: Robots Distort Trump’s Supports-US Elections

Researchers, Alessandro Bessi and Emilio Ferrara, from the University of Southern California wrote in online journal First, on November 7th.

The computer scientists found that both Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton had supporting messages from “robots” but Trump had more bots and produced more tweets.The software robots generated a significant number of Twitter messages in support of both candidates.

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The researchers said that about 400,000 accounts out of 2.8 million distinct users who generated 20 million tweets between September 16 and October 21, “are likely bots.”

“The 2016 presidential election campaign has unique characteristics of overall negative tone.

This technology issue regarding robots have created a support basis that is at odd with the tone.”

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“The University researchers findings suggest that the presence of this technology issue can indeed negatively affect democratic political discussion rather than improving it.”

“This will potentially in turn alter public opinion and endanger the integrity of the presidential elections,” they said.

“For instance, the number of automatically-generated tweets and messages on Twitter for Trump can empower him to make claims regarding the election results”.


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