Ultimate Cycler News Now │Ultimate Cycler Update At 3PM 16/12/2016

Ultimate Cycler News Now │Ultimate Cycler Update At 3PM 16/12/2016
Hurray! Ultimate Cycler members. The good news you have been waiting for is here now. The Ponzi Scheme, Ultimate Cycler news now will gladden your heart.
Any moment from tomorrow, Ultimate Cycler members will be able to login to their office and get busy with business. The CEO of Ultimate Cycler, Peter Wolfer, made this known to the public today on www.ultimatecycler.com.
I think this is a big news for those who engage themselves in multiple online businesses. As MMM seem to have frustrated many people this festive period. Ultimate Cycler is out to raise their hopes again.
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Ultimate Cycler News Now │Ultimate Cycler Update At 3PM 16/12/2016

What is this good news all about? Peter Wolfer assured members of the community today that ‘there will be an out launch on Friday at 3 PM to re-open for the updated office within 48 hours i.e. on Sunday 18/12/2016 at 00:00 GMT.
Members cannot access the website starting from Friday, 16th December, 2016 at 3 PM. They can only access the office and do business. The CEO said “we are ready to launch the improved Ultimate Cycler website.” As a result, all members of Ultimate Cycler are advised to read the notice below.

                             Important Notice
All members will have their accounts closed within a few days after launch if any unpaid positions remain pending. It’s important that you log in and take care of business.

So if I was to be you, I’ll login immediately to my account and get down to business. Open your office on Ultimate Cycler and confirm every received fund and send every pending donation for confirmation.
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You don’t want this recent update to pass you by. It’s just wonderful with a lot of new features. I can assure you this one that Ultimate Cycler will be back soonest. Nothing can hang the system again. So take advantage of this opportunity and join millions of testifiers.

What Are The New Features On Ultimate Cycler?

New level 7 – There’s level 7 now which you’ll upgrade to with $1600.
$5500 Holiday bonus for any registration before Jan. 1st 2016.
The website has got a new amazing design
New Customer Service Center
Members can now enjoy lifetime admin option. However, this is optional. For new members, you can get it $10.
The purging function is now active and any downline that refuses to pay within 24 hours will be auto-deleted. You will receive new downline immediately.

                                     Important Notice
However, all members that have already upgraded will be grandfathered as a lifetime member and all members that have not upgraded will be given 48 hours to become a lifetime member. If the member declinesto upgrade, they will have to pay the admin fee per level on every upgrade.

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