USA visit visa Application 2017/2018 – How to Apply for USA visit visa

USA visit visa Application – If you need to apply for visit/tourist visa to meet your family or for tourism in US, so you will claim for B2 tourist visa as B1 is for business or work permit visa. The procedure for both the visas is same.
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USA Visit Visa Guideline – USA visit visa Application
A.It is mandatory for all the persons of 14 years or above to be get interviewed by embassy manager.
B.For US tourist visa you are prescribed to obtain DS-160 form and get it filled.
Requirements for USA visit visa Application
1.Photocopy of your passport that is verified for further six months at least.
3.Your passport size (2×2) picture with white background.
3.For student visa like USMLE Visa students are needed to fill I-120 copy (PDF) and adhere with visa application.
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Documents you need for the Application of USA Visit Visa
You will need these documents at the time of your appointment.
1.Picture of the candidate in a proper plan. If you are not able to upload of given the right picture all along the online application capitulation, so you can take a printed picture along with you when you visit for your interview at embassy.
2.You should know that at which embassy you will be arriving for interview.
3Passport analysis should be there of every candidate such as name, birth date, issue date, passport number, expiration date etc.
4.Address of candidates that where will be he/she be staying in US.
5.For US citizens, social security number and USA tax ID number is required.
6.Address and name of candidates relatives if any living in USA.
7.Info of candidates family, name of parents, mailing address, occupation, income, work address and some further details.
8Date when you currently visited to US (If there is).
USA visit visa Application
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