World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

In this 21st century, music is one of the major lucrative venture people have engaged into. To succeed in the music industry is very simple.

Artistes with good producers are making fame and money with every release into the market. However, there are a lot of competitions in the industry as nobody wishes to be hidden in anyway. Artistes need their albums to sell and their fans satisfied.

This article picks out 20 out of the thousands of wealthy musicians in the world. The list is not as it was last year, it has changed and this is a prove that the music industry is competitive.

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

20. Jon Bon Jovi $300 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians

Jon Bon Jovi

The American songwriter, philanthropist and actor, John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. is the world’s 20th top musician with an estimated worth of $300 million.

Jon Bon Jovi as he is fondly called is the founder and lead artiste of Bon Jovi band. He gained his fame in the mid-1980s after finding Bon Jovi hard-rock Band. His best selling solo and studio albums have over 130 million sells all over the world.
He got an Academy award in 1990 after composing “Blaze of Glory” for the movie Young Guns II.  He then stopped working on his band group to produce a solo album afterwhich he went back the band in 1992.

Jovi started his acting career in 1990 featuring in movies such as Moonlight and Valentino, U-571. He appeared on TV series in movies as sex and the city and McBeal.

Jon Bon Jovi has built fortune for himself, he is the sole founder of The Jon Bon Soul Foundation and Arena Football League team all in America.  He is married to Dorothea Hurley with four children.

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19. Antonio M. “L.A” Reid $300 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians

Antonio Reid

Antonio M. “L.A” Reid is a business giant and also the CEO of Epic Records and Hitco music publishing based in New York.

The music music executive, songwriter and producer is best known for his commitment in grooming upcoming artistes making them famous in the music industry. He is best known for his famous album “Two Occasions” which he released in 1988.
Some of the musicians that have risen to importance throgh Reid include Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Pink, Rihanna, Kanye West, Toni Braxton, Usher, Young Jeezy, Ciara, to mention but a few.
He served as the judge in the first two seasons of the U.S. version of The X Factor TV show. He returned back to his records informing the organizers of the show that he won’t be serving in his capacity again from 2012.
Reid has won BMI awards 18 times before 2007. His last award from BMI was on the 6th Annual BMI Urban Awards 2006. He currently has a net-worth of $300 million

World Top Richest Musicians – See Top 20 Richest Musicians & Their Net Worth

18. Neil Sedaka $300 Million (America)

World Top Richest Musicians

Neil Sedaka

Sedaka is another America big time singer organist and record producer. He has sold millions of records and has written over 500 songs for others and himself since 1957.

He rose to prominence in the mid-60s after starting the band group called “The Tokens” with his high school classmates.

In 1961, ‘The Tokens’ released the album “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and that was a major success for them as they hit first on the list.
The album “Steppin’ Out” was Neil’s last album till date which he did with Elton John’s record label. Neil has a current net-worth of $300 million and is the 18th in the World Top Richest Musicians list.

17. Sting $300 Million (Britain)

World Top Richest Musicians

Gordon Matthew Thomas

The last British on the list is a popular rock, jazz, reggae and classical writer who rose to fame from his New Wave Rock Band, “The Police,” in 1977.

Gordon Matthew Thomas fondly called Sting, did a lot of songs after he joined his band group such as “Every Breathe You Take”, “Roxanne” and “Message In a Bottle” as well as other albums and that marked the beginning of his fame.

With ‘The Police.’ Sting rose to stardom and joined the trend of the world’s best-selling music artistes. He released his own personal solo album “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles” in 1985 which has conquered many solo albums severally.

Sting’s Record Sales in 2010 rated above $100,000 while his album “Symphonicities” rated about $600,000. He has a current worth of $300 million.

16.Keith Richard $340 Million (Britain)

World Top Richest Musicians

Keith Richard

Keith Richard is a popular English songwriter, guitarist and also a music producer. He is the 20th in World Top Richest Musicians list.

He has done a lot of Album since the starting of his music career in 1972.The famous among them are “Paint It Black”, “Ruby Tuesday”, “Sympathy For The Devil”, “Gimme Shelter”, “Angle”.

Richard first played guiter for his band group, “The Rolling Stones” where he also did fourteen songd with The Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist, Mick Jagger out of the 500 greatest songs of the band.

He released his first single solo album titled “Talk Is Cheap” which he did after leaving The Rolling Stones and that combined to take him to stardom.

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