Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019 Form is Out | Apply Here

Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019, Important Requirements for Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019 and How to Apply for Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019. MINISTER of Defence says there has been an overwhelming response of people who have interest to join the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force and Zambia National Service.
the general public are advised that in view of the overwhelming response, Government has not yet concluded the recruitment process.
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Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019…The Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force and the Zambia National Service advertised for recruitment of military personnel For Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019, who include professionals in different disciplines.
Names of applicants who will be shortlisted and published in the daily papers for subsequent aptitude tests, medicals and physical fitness examinations.
“With the foregoing, the public should therefore ignore any information saying that Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018Form is out, because there are not currently recruiting . It is our duty @ to keep you informed on any news concerning Zambia Defence Force Recruitment 2018/2019.
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Always check back to get the latest updates about Zambia Defence Force Recruitment.
If you need us to help you with information at the right time about  Zambia Defence Force Recruitment, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time.

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    please I need your help I want to join Zambia air force I have 22 point at grade 12 my contacts are 0967586544/0967504224

  2. Griffin mapalo kafula on

    am a Zambia who really interest and who wish to join with the heart of working for Zambia and to help the poor.. my mobile line is 0950491176……also on facebook
    user name:Griffin granny Nancy


    I need help I want to join Zambia Army 0969777539/0973043674 kindly update me with new information about recruitment for this year.

  4. Sichone Hosea on

    I really want to join zambia army this year please help me and update me when its time for recruitment.
    Your favourable consideration will be highly appreciated.

    • Chanda chisulo on

      It has always be my dream to join the defence force.Please kindly inform me as soon as the recruitment process starts.I’am a driver in class CE.and I have a diploma in business administration from the university of contact number is 0955918672.

  5. Zanele on

    am a young Zambian looking forward to joining Zambia’s defence force please help and update me on recruitment requirements and forms…… your quick response will be highly appreciated.


    I Here By Humbly Request For More Information About The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) 2018 RECRUITMENTS, I’ am an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) By Proffertion, I Hav A Passion For The Air Force And I Would Like To Join, Please You May Contact Me On +260971973469 /+260965973469.

  7. Alfred Funga on

    Please with my great willingness to join Defence forces (Zambia), I would like to be updated when they will held recruitment
    My contact to reach me on 0973429891/0950302170.

  8. Bertha Tumba Messele on

    I’m a 2015 grade twelve school leaver, I have a full grade 12 certificate I really want to join the Zambian defense force it’s a passion of mine. I want to serve my country. you response and update will be highly appreciated. Thank you

  9. Oscar Tembo on

    Dr Sir/Madam
    Plz kindly update me on the Zambia Army when the recruitment process starts ur help will be highly appreciated +260960355384 or +260971413674

  10. Lovemore Mwanza on

    Dear sir/madam
    kindly please update me when 2018 zambia airforce recruitment’s my wish and desire to join the zambia airforce,
    thank you.

  11. Gift Musopelo on

    Am A 2014 Grade Twelve Leaver, Having A G12 Full Certificate, A Red Cross Certificate And Obtained An ICT TEVETA Certificate In 2017 Too…. Really Looking Forward To Save My Country In The Zambia Air Force….. Admin I Really Need Help

  12. Maxwell Mwaka on

    I really want to join Zambia national service or Zambia Army i studied automotive electrical engineering graduated last year…..
    My NRC is 135642/19/1.
    My# 0975434363

  13. Chrispine chabala on

    am a Zambian citizen aged 22 years with a grade 12 certificate kindly applying for employment

  14. simango sandra on

    Am a trained secondary teacher and not working i would like to join Zambia air force. Please help me on how I can numbers 0965708864, 0976939311


    Ashios Muzabwe
    H/N:DSV EXT 281
    Email:[email protected]
    Dear sir/Madame,
    ‘RE :Asking for Zambia Defense Force, Zambia National Service,Immigration & Zambia Air Forces Recruitment Updates 2018/19.
    With Reference to the above stated matter, I’m writing to request for all Recruitment updates in Zambia Army, Zambia Airforce, Immigration & Zambia National Service.
    I’m a male Zambian aged 24 with a green National Registration card, completed grade 12 & a Certificate holder in Early Education. I’m eager to join one of the above.
    your help shall be greatly appreciated & respected.
    yours faithfully
    Muzabwe Ashios
    Email:[email protected]

  16. Sylvester Benford Banda on

    I want to join Zambia National Service (ZNS).A diploma holder in agriculture :Crop Science Major. Advise .
    Phone #:+260955733401

  17. Isaac Mushimbei Inambao on

    I am in need of information of when the Zambia Air Force and Army will be recruiting new personnel. I hold a diploma in accounts and studying for the last paper towards full CIMA interested in joining the Defence Force.


    kindly inform me on Zambia army, ZNS, AIR FORCE and IMMIGRATION recruitment/training when will start. 0975103709//0961094117


    I was born born to be a soldier,did computer science and geography i can`t to join the Millitary,i have all the qualities and qualifications needed.
    contact detatails


    i was born to be a soldier,did computer science and geography in can`t wait to join the Millitary, having all the qualities and qualifications.
    contact details

  21. Hedrick Mainza on

    Hello, am a primary teacher with a diploma and now want to join zambia army. Please kindly inform me about 2018 recruitment for Zambia army.

  22. ruth chanda on

    when are the recruitments being hold?? because am highly waiting plz can someone tell me when? minster of deface won’t we get old just waiting for u to say dat thy can go on. help us plz

  23. Enock Mulenga on

    I wish to join the zambia army or zns i am a zambian citizen wih holder of a green NRC single by marital status,..for more updates please you can contact me on

  24. Martin muluwa on

    am interested in joining Zambia Air Force, please keep me updated when time comes for recruitment,
    have done secondary teaching on diploma level.
    this is my number

  25. Martin muluwa on

    I’m interested in joining Zambia Air Force and I have done secondary teachers diploma in areas of civic education and geography.
    No. +260971133303

  26. Agness katong on

    I would like to join Zambia airforce or ZNS. kindly notify me.
    my contacts are
    0978 947 175 /0966 724 222
    0953 109 727


    to the recruiting officer sir/madam pliz update me when the recruitments for 2018~2019 will start all defence forces mostly zambia army pliz may i be informed on 0975468780 0

  28. Hanyanga Bazungu on

    Hi there admin, am kindly asking for clarity about the speculating rumors about the about to start ZA and ZAF recruitments. Are the reports true?
    Hanyanga Bazungu +260973907606

  29. Peter musonda on

    When will the recruitment commence, would wish to apply as an air traffic controller, aerodrome level.

  30. Tembo Alick on

    joining defense forces is my dream come true especially Zambia army and air force, update me for recruitments, please?

  31. Alice Mukela on

    Just heard there will be a recruitment this june… I am a holder of an educational diploma in teaching and would really love to join the Zambia Air Force/ Army/ ZNS

  32. Timothy Ngambi on

    Am a holder of grade 12 certificate 22 years of age ,I would love to join the army or defence force

  33. Mercy Phiri on

    I really want to join the Zambia defence force,I will appreciate if I am informed on the recruitment.

  34. Allan Munalula Kamuti on

    I am a male Zambia citizen aged 21 years, I completed my grade 12 in 2014 with good results as follows;
    1. English 3
    2. Mathematics 4
    3. Sciences 3
    4. Biology 3
    5. Food and Nutrition 3
    6. Geography 4
    7. Religious Education 4
    I am here by applying for the recruitment for ZNS.
    My Hobbies are;
    reading musical notations
    playing musical instruments like trumpets, Euphonium, and trombones.
    those are the things I know better.

  35. Allan Munalula Kamuti on

    I am male Zambian citizen aged 21 years old, I completed my grade 12 in 2014 with good credential results as follows;
    1. English 3
    2. Mathematics 4
    3. Sciences 3
    4. Biology 3
    5. Food and Nutrition 3
    6. Religious Education 4
    7. Geography 4
    I am here by applying for the recruitments in Zambian National Service Brass Band. I am capable of
    1. Reading musical notations
    2. Playing musical instruments like trumpets, Trombones and Euphonium.
    I would be happy if my request would be considered.
    Yours faithful Allan Munalula Kamuti.

  36. Frankson Mbale on

    My Names Are, Frank Mbale And I Am Very Much Interested To Join Zambian Army, I Did ICT And Am Also A Driver With The Valid Drivers Licence Class “C”

  37. Frankson Mbale on

    My Names Are Frankson Mbale Ame Very Much Ready To Join Zambian Army, I Did ICT/WEB PROGRAMMING And Am Also A Motor Vehicle Driver With The Valid Drivers Licence Class “C” Please Inform Me When Time Comes. +260969738686/+260954580135 Or Better Still Via Gmail: [email protected]

  38. Johnson on

    Am a Zambian youth, age 20 with good Grade 12 results and can suit the army both physically n mentally position and disciplined.

  39. Cecilia kayemba on

    Am very much interested to join the Zambia air Force, please help me on how I can contact number is 0964744432

      • Idin banda on

        Is the army recruitment process (zns/zaf) already done? I really need tocontribute my self to save,protect and make Zambians good people by helping them to know and follow they rules most important to do as I commanded to. For any information please contact me on 0973466838 or 0760183605


      My name is ANTHONY SICHALWE I am really interested in Zambia defence force and I will be appreciate if I will hear any information from u on these lines 0970080720 0968712637

  40. Anthony Sichalwe on

    My name is Anthony Sichalwe my greatest career that I had choosen is to be come The Zambian Army .Please asist me my Bosses I will very very happy to achieve my dream or career 0968712637 0974526144 Email address. [email protected]

  41. namukoko annie on

    I want to join the Zambia national service, kindly notify me when the application forms will be out.

  42. Micah Matobo on

    Plz inform me I have so much interest in joining the Zambia Army I would be pleased if my name will be among those who I’ll be selected for the next training this coming year 2019 February/March

  43. Mukosi Mukena on

    0969324137 I have a diploma in c
    linical medicine certificate in customs clearing and forwarding I’m eagerly to join the ministry in any of the services your response will be appreciated.

  44. Shakwenda kelvin on

    I would really appreciate to be part of your professional team….please inform me when they start recruiting….0971683895

  45. Annie Banda on

    I wish to join zambia air force.I have a certificate in prosecution from NIPA.kindly imform me about the next number.0974200197,0968546686


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